Monday, June 16, 2014

There's a spider living in my sink that I can't quite kill,so I let her live and called her Cleo. I can only assume she likes her ceramic Colosseum since she never climbs out to the counter-top. I'd like to think that I've allowed Cleo to make the sink her "crib," a bachelor pad of sorts, complete with her own sudsy toothpaste slip-and-slide. In the arachnid world, she's what they call, "made it big."

I find many of my co-workers are much like Cleo and her sink bowl. Ever day we are flooded with documents, phone calls, payrolls, complaints, critiques, emails, and so on, pouring through our cubicles. How does one adjust to these external pressures?  by making your workplace fit you. At the business firm I intern for, I am amazed at my co-workers' inventiveness at doing just that. I enjoy venturing from my cube just to see how others have created unique work sanctuaries within their 3 1/2 walls. One man has a standing desk- I cross his territory multiple times throughout the day, on the fluke chance I may witness him sitting and say "I knew it!" There's an office where the lights are completely turned off but for a small lamp that gives a faint light. The blue computer LED light is reflected off his mesmerized  face. There's the medieval cartoonist who adorns the walls with middle-aged memes, and the New York Giants fan who decorates his space with flags and Giants' shot glasses (gottah love those office Christmas parties). They each work to a rhythm, a detectable energy those in the HR department call business "synergy".

As for me, I have yet to figure out just what to put in my 36 square foot sanctuary. Perhaps a terrarium.

Works going well

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