Monday, June 2, 2014

If you were to quantify your Judaism- could you?

Jewish schools do that every year: a low, flat rate of 20,000 dollars + some blood pressure medication for your parents
Supermarkets every week: a 47 dollar glatt kosher pot roast for Shabbat  (a certified blessed "arm and a leg")
Our careers every day: depleting precious vacation days for Shavout and explaining that you will fall off the computerized face of the world for 2.5 business days.

And even quantifying  those precious seconds- those few heartbeats that pass while deliberating whether or not to open the door for the mashulach collecting for his daughter's wedding. Can you spare a shdickle shekel?

Consider the Jewish books, modest clothing,and ram phylacteries (try explaining that at college!). And let's not forget that oh so expensive wax to polish my horns. ( I no a guy, if you need some great wax!)

All I know  after running preparatory Shavuot errands for my mom today, is that a Jewish lifestyle is expensive, and  I had better get reimbursed...

in debt over kugels

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