Thursday, March 6, 2014

In a followup to last week's post, my teacher took a poll and found that about 56 percent of the class believed that Divine intervention is expressed through evolutionary means. While I do not fully understand on a Darwinian level, I find that I fall into this statistic.

Not much really to complain about; intramural sports teams are starting up again-so that should be fun, the whether is tempering out a bit- so that's nice, and this "feed the deed" movement has really picked up steam. I like scanning my Facebook timeline plastered with charitable pictures, yet I am tremendously underwhelmed by posts by friends documenting the nice things they did for their friends...that they should be doing to strangers and the needy! Why does "gave my sister a manicure" count as "feed the deed?!" And why does "held the door open for someone" count?

It sounds like you're simply feeding into the movement, and saying "phew," I got away without really making a difference.

"Wow, I am such a great person. I paid it forward today by flushing the toilet, so the next person wouldn't have to deal with my ecolli-ridden gift."

Sorry for the pessimism: this is what happens when you write while eating Jelly Bellys and accidentally swallow a black one.

Try to REALLY pay it forward,
feed the deed cop-out bounty huntress

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