Sunday, March 30, 2014

I awoke from my Shabbat afternoon nap with birds yapping "dweet" outside my window. It was only  until now that I realized that the birds back home say "ooglie," not "dweet." In either case, they woke me up. I guess that's not so catastrophic seeing as sociability is perceived as a preferred quality by my bed covers were starting to get too warm.

-"Who knows, you may even meet your basheret this weekend." 
Mom always knows just what she thinks is the right thing to say.

This weekend, there was some odd convention on campus that drew in a pool of eligible Jewish bachelors with a height range averaging 6 ft. 1 inch. (In analyzing social science I saw that the taller the guys got, the shorter girls skirts became)

- "Find someone whose height won't throw off the family picture dynamics" 
Great, I always wanted to wear heels for an irrational amount of time.

- "Just mingle around, and be your usual smiley self"
Does napping and smiling while dreaming about guys count? 

I missed Shacharit this morning: It's not my fault- its Apple's for charging for the Shabbat alarm clock app., and my dad's for passing down the genetic mantra "survival of the cheapest."

Since middle school, I have been fascinated by subjective attraction: What makes Amy like Ryan, but not Rick? I remember taking A.P. Psychology class in high school and learning about spousal attraction. According to Triver's theory of Parental investment, women tend to be the choosy sex because they are the sex that invests more in their offspring. With 9 months of gestation, traumatic emotional and physical labor pains, tiresome breastfeeding, packing lunches, carpools, boo-boo kisses, and the list goes on, Amy has a right to be careful.

We're all looking for the Mr. or Mrs. "Right." Whether it's the person who calls you after the business meeting to see "how it went," or the person who laughs when you fall while picking you up tenderly, we all just want to feel loved.

"Yes mom, I brushed my hair"

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