Sunday, February 23, 2014

It is I, back from the blogger's graveyard. It takes more than a failed Introduction to English assignment  kick to the head and some gastrointestinal problems to kill this writer. Time to blow off the metaphoric dust and turn over a new leafy computer byte.

Some updates:
1. Apparently it took me coming to secular college, for me to learn Gemara for the first time. Gave a shiur two weeks ago during Nachos and Nigguns. #Gemaraiscool #learninghashtag

2. Went to a Jewish Women's Panel today. Learned I will earn .79 cents for every dollar Bobby will earn just because I was born with breasts, and Bobby can grow a beard, went through major awkward pubescent voice staccato, and can pee standing. Until society is ready to change from their colonial image of women worth, I have to be satisfied that I can give birth to a Bobby.

3.Explaining second days of the Passover to my professors, as a sequel to my people's exodus from Egyptian bondage, while doing laundry and paying 2.75 cents to wash dirty kikki rikkis, is a great way to spend my Sunday.

 #3testsoverpesach #screwed

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